Installed Services

Installed services is the fastest growing part of our business. Carver Lumber is best known for our vast offerings of home building materials. But did you know that we also offer installation services for four of those materials? We’re proud to offer installation on our cabinets, decking, doors, and windows

Some might argue that the installation is more important than the product. And we just might agree with them. You could have the best product money can buy, but if it’s improperly installed, your home is in danger. Our biggest priority with any installation is the security, quality, and longevity of your home.

When it comes to windows and doors, there’s a lot that can go wrong from an improper installation: cracking, discoloration, air infiltration, flaking, and water leakage, rot, and decay. When it comes to cabinets and decking, exact measurements and small details are of the utmost importance. We keep all of these possibilities in mind with every single installation. Every single one of our installed services is thought through by our team with no detail left unnoticed.

For example, take a new front door. First, you visit our showroom and shop our vast selection with Janet. After deciding on a style, one of our experts will evaluate the installation site. He measures your home, evaluates its style, considers framing options, notes interior alterations like staining new trim to match. After the deep evaluation, we will send you a proposal which includes the product and installation. Once you approve, it’s usually a one-day installation once the special ordered door arrives and passed quality control.

Plus, we always think it makes your life easier if the same company orders and installs the product. Our goal is to make your house dreams come true quickly and in budget!