First Generation Lumberyard


We think it’s important to share the history of the best lumberyard in Peoria. Our beloved Carver Lumber Company humbly began with a single location in 1946. Actually, we were originally founded as M.S. Carver Roofing Company by Maurice “Red” Carver. In 1949, M.S. Carver Roofing Company began selling and building garages. At that same time, we started a full line lumber yard under the name of M.S. Carver Lumber Company.

Second Generation Lumberyard


In just under a decade, our founder Red Carver sadly passed away in 1954. Luckily, Richard E. Carver, Red’s son, continued the legacy of his father. Soon after, the roofing facility was renovated and updated. In 1962, we decided to invest in a vastly larger lumber yard located at 8700 N. University Street. Then in 1975, the company built a 10,000 square foot “Home Center” on the original War Memorial location, replacing the 1950’s buildings.

Pioneering a new path for lumberyards everywhere, Carver Lumber started offering custom home drafting services in 1985. Just one year later, we sold the original location and consolidated all operations to the University Street location (where we proudly reside today). Maintaining our reputation for innovation, Carver Lumber excitedly opened our manufacturing division to provide pre-built wall panels in 1993. These products help speed up the building process for many of our customers. In 1996, we constructed a new 3,200 sq. ft. Showroom Design Center at the Peoria location growing our ability to showcase millwork, windows, exterior project finishes and more products.

Third Generation Lumberyard


January 1, 2000 brought about a major change as the employees formed an ESOP. We purchased the company from the Richard E. Carver family. In April 2000, the ESOP Company happily acquired Tremont Lumber Company in Tremont, Illinois. During our entire history, Carver Lumber and Tremont Lumber have been leaders in the Peoria and tri-county area. We do this by: providing building experts the highest quality products with personalized service at a fair price. Consider this your official invite to come work with the best lumberyard in Peoria.