Are you looking for the best lumber in Peoria, IL? Well then, it’s nice to meet you… our name is Carver Lumber. And we KNOW lumber inside and out. I guess we’ll try to avoid geeking out and keep all the technical lumber talk to a minimum. Let’s just focus on filling you in on what our pro lumberyard has to offer.

You can break down our lumber offerings into three categories: untreated, treated, and plywood (to keep it simple). Keep in mind, the lumber grade scale from highest to lowest is: select, grade one, grade two, and then grade three. Carver only carries select and grade one lumber. 


Our highest-end lumber (the product we are best known for) is a full line of untreated, select structural grade Douglas Fir. Secondly, we offer SPF, which stands for Spruce, Pine, Fir. Commonly referred to as “white wood”, this lumber product is machine-stressed for bending and strength. We offer this material in 2×4 and 2×6 dimensions.


We have two treated lumber options. The first option is for decking. Our treated decking material is made from Southern Yellow Pine which absorbs and retains treatment better than other tree species. This treated decking is premium, top of the line, the best grade you can buy. Our other treated lumber is grade one Southern Yellow Pine. Keep in mind, bigger box stores like Lowe’s are using grade two treated lumber.


Lastly, we carry plywood. Our highest quality option is Douglas Fir. Our mid-tier option is Southern Yellow Pine. The economical choice is a plywood replacement called Northern OSB (Oriented Strand Board) made from 100% Aspen.

These products are in-stock at all times. Special orders are also available upon request. And as always, we’re happy to just simply answer all your lumber questions! Consider us your first stop for lumber in Peoria, IL and the surround area.

The team at Carver Lumber is always chasing after the best brands and products for our contractors and customers. That constant pursuit of quality which means our on-hand and available-to-order inventory is always changing. Please note, most of our orders are customizable and made specifically to suit each individual customer. Rather than have out-of-date or inaccurate products listed for sale on our website, we proudly invite you to give us a call or stop by our showroom to shop the latest and greatest products that Carver Lumber has to offer.