Home Design and Estimating

Technical Services

Who says a lumberyard can’t do home design? Well, this is where “More Than Just A Lumberyard” really comes to life! Since 1985, Carver Lumber has been known for our “technical services”. Back then, it was unheard of for a lumber company to provide any type of blueprint or construction drawing. But new-hire Mark Booth (who then stayed with Carver Lumber for 38 years) started drawing house plans on the spot for customers. This innovation pioneered the idea of a lumberyard offering estimates and technical services (instead of leaving it to the home builders). Since then, contractors and builders have come to know and love Carver for our excellent technical services. Today, we have two incredibly talented drafters (Mike and John). These skilled experts use AutoCAD to perfectly render blueprints. We love working on projects like new homes, home additions, extravagant decking projects, detached garages, lake houses, and more.

How Does It Work?

So what exactly is drafting? Drafting is the process of creating a technical drawing (or blueprint) that accurately reflects a building to scale. So, then what is estimating? Estimating is the process of listing all necessary materials, quantities, measurements, and pricing for that blueprint. Since Carver carries so many home building products, it’s an easy one-stop-shop for most of your material needs. We offer these services to builders, contractors, home owners, DIY-ers, or anyone looking for blueprints and estimates in Central Illinois.

What is the design process like at Carver Lumber? The process starts with your free home design consultation. During this consultation, our drafters will evaluate your ideas and see if it’s a great fit. If so, we’ll move right into creating the blueprint of your dreams! Once the blueprint is approved, one of our experts will finalize your estimate, getting you one step closer to the home, business, or complex you’ve always wanted.