Our commercial services are for developers and builders focused on projects like restaurants, shopping centers, hotels, apartment building, etc. Our top three offerings for what we call “Light Commercial” projects are: high-quality building materials, accurate estimates, and prefabricated walls that are made right in Peoria. 

Prefabricated Walls

We are beyond proud to be one of the only in-house manufacturers of prefabricated walls in Central Illinois. Pre-fab walls save time and money. We build the walls in a controlled environment which eliminates accidents, waste, and mismeasurements. Fabricating these walls on site allows us to control the production schedule and product quality so you get exactly what you ordered when you need it.

Building Materials and Estimating

Our drafters are incredibly talented at designing blueprints for residential projects. Because of certain Illinois licensing limitations, our team is not drafting blueprints for commercial projects (yet!). But we are darn good at working with builders and contractors to provide accurate estimates for a vast array of commercial projects.