Aside from our incredible selection of high-quality products, Carver Lumber offers exceptional building services to the Central Illinois area. From residential to commercial and even industrial, our team of experts are hardwired to serve you with the best customer service around.


Our commercial services are for developers and builders focused on projects like restaurants, shopping centers, hotels, apartment building, etc. Our top three offerings for what we call “Light Commercial” projects are: high-quality building materials, accurate estimates, and prefabricated walls that are made right in Peoria. 

Home Design and Estimating

Since 1985, Carver Lumber has been designing homes and home additions for our clients. 

We love working on projects like new homes, home additions, extravagant decking projects, detached garages, lake houses, and more. Today, we have two incredibly talented drafters (Mike and John) to design the home of your dreams. And since Carver carries so many home building products, it’s an easy one-stop-shop for most of your material needs. We offer these services to builders, contractors, home owners, DIY-ers, or anyone looking for blueprints and estimates in Central Illinois.

Installed Services

Installed services are the fastest growing part of our business. Carver Lumber is best known for our vast offerings of home building materials. But did you know that we also offer installation services for four of those materials? We’re proud to offer installation on our cabinets, decking, doors, and windows.