Andersen Windows

We have a big spot in our hearts for Andersen Windows. Andersen Windows actually started out in 1903 as Andersen Lumber Company. Their foundation was built on lumber and that’s something we know a thing or two about. Because their background was in lumber, it was only natural that during World War II they starting producing windows with solid wood framing since metal was scarce. This innovation turned out to be for the better!

Windows with solid wood framing better protect your home from air infiltration and water damage for two reasons. One, because the solid wood insulates better than hollow metal. Two, because wood doesn’t expand and contract as much as metal, keeping the seals in tact. We love going into homes to replace windows and find out that they are Andersen windows from the 70’s! That’s over 50 years! Most windows in a home only last 15-20 years.

We offer the entire line of Andersen Windows: E-Series, A-Series, 100-Series, 200-Series, and 400-Series. You can view these in our Peoria showroom, then special order to your exact specifications. 

Our window installation services are second to none. You can have the BEST window but a poor installation can damage your home. Our sales professionals and installation experts have years of experience. Plus, they have an abundance of industry knowledge and brand experience so your project is completed to perfection. All of our installers are Andersen Certified and have successfully completed Water Management Training to ensure your installation is leak-free so your windows can be enjoyed for decades to come.

The team at Carver Lumber is always chasing after the best brands and products for our contractors and customers. That constant pursuit of quality which means our on-hand and available-to-order inventory is always changing. Please note, most of our orders are customizable and made specifically to suit each individual customer. Rather than have out-of-date or inaccurate products listed for sale on our website, we proudly invite you to give us a call or stop by our showroom to shop the latest and greatest products that Carver Lumber has to offer.